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Sorry itś been a while again kiddies...still not got my pc issues… - muchos muchos grande pantusos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the green fairy

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[Mar. 27th, 2008|09:02 pm]
the green fairy
Sorry itś been a while again kiddies...still not got my pc issues sorted at home. Slightly ironic that the only time i get to update is while on blasted holiday lol.

Anyway my birthday was friggin awesome and muchos thanks for all the cards/pressies/good wishes and drinks that Ive had from everyone. Youŕe all delicious especially rockhag and ajmonkeyboy who can out do Motley Crue anyday. Would love to tell you more about it but that would involve me spending pretty much the whole night in the common room on the pc and when I get back Nic and Kate will probably have killed each other over some futile red wine fuelled arguement about social classes or something :P

Got my fly tattoos and I LOOOOVE THEM! Got umlauts too.  Awesome. Tis pretty gross and scabby atm but should look gorgeous again soon.

Vienna is pretty cool anyways. Itś made the least impression of all the places Ive been recently but Im thinking thats because were staying outside of the city (no hostels in the centre - just posh hotels) but there is a lush bar with random artifacts and a nice barman nearby, as well as the Phonix (with an umlaut lol) which is a traditional type restaurant where weve just had dinner and its bloody lovely.

Went to the cathedral and crypts and that on Tuesday which was cool. Organs in jars and that.  Gotta love the death.  Got very drunk in the hostel on the evening with a random australian bloke who was sharing our room.  Had a complete hoot and there are now lots of greasy marks on the wall - Kate: what? Ask that Australian guy - it was his sausage!

Yesterday me and Kate went to the armoury, treasury and early musical instruments museum thingies which were dead cool but too much stuff to take in when youŕe hungover!  My favourite bits were the two-handed swords, marble maces (ow!), gorgeous harps and a salt cellar made from an emerald the size of your fist. Awesome.  Got to play some of the freaky harpsichord things anarl which was cool. there were a load of posh english kids on a school trip : Gabrieeeel! Have we got to go yet? *winces* and they were playing mozart and that on them but I played coin operated boy and Kate played the first 2 bars of jingle bells hahaha.  Spent the afternoon in this funfair which rocked...went on the @Dizzy Mouse@ (sorry the keyboard says they should be quotation marks) which is always good...one of those waltzer cum rollercoaster things that makes you giggle loads.  DAS ZOMBIE HAUS was also hilarious and ancient and all the little ghosty stuff was knackered and could only move in a wanking motion and Nicola got groped by a bloke with hairy gloves.  The Sombrero was also mint as the bloke kept giving us shout outs and spinning us faster and totally loved his job and was like the DJ in phoenix nights haha.  

Ended up eventually finding this tower that wed been trying to get to all week, dunno how like since itś like 200 metres tall. There was a revolving restaurant at the top which was so cool...awesome views of Vienna once you got accustomed to the weird revolveyness!  We just got back and crashed straight out and we have a new bloke in our room...english and posh...very quiet.

Today was really sunny (has snowed and that the rest of the time) which was a good day to go to the MOFOING ZOOOOO.  The Labyrinth was dead cool, and Nicola amazed us by getting to the centre first (we all split up and raced each other) seems she doesnt know where here flat is but can find her way through huge mazes hahah.  Saw lots of cool animals...the usual really but the best ones were the big male giraffe who was the hugest thing you ever saw and was like a dinosaur or something..., the wolves - which howled a lot and were generally gorgeous, weird jelly fish and this daft lizard (looked like a uromastyx but wasnt) that kept pressing up against the glass and doing press ups hahaha.  Bought random snappy animals on sticks and went back to the labyrinth where me and nic chased each other around holding them up above the hedge and reinacting scenes from the film ahahah.    Were totally knackered when we got back after taking a so called short cut which lead us across miles of gravel (kate: how long have we been walking on this infernal cat litter?) so had a few hours kip and went to the phonix again for tea. Had some lush lentil and bacon thing, Kate had swalian dumplings and Nic had goulash again. Was scrumlish.  We have just piled back here and having some wine.  The posh bloke is out haha.  Must try not to spill anything on his bed as he is in the bottom one and I claimed the treehouse type den thing on the top which is soo cool and i have my own curtains and everything.  Oh well gonna be sociable now....

Oh and everyone must read The Book of Lost Things.  It is fooking fantastic.

Toodles poodles xxxxxx

[User Picture]From: auntiefester
2008-03-28 12:45 am (UTC)
Wow! Vienna sounds amazing, glad to hear you're having a good time. Was good to see you on Friday, got brilliant photo of your flies, will send you a copy when I get the photos printed.
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[User Picture]From: rockhag
2008-03-28 09:21 pm (UTC)

It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again...

Keep on using the bepanthene chick. All tatts look bad before they start to look good in my opinion. :)

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