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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2008|04:21 pm]
the green fairy
Hahah our Nic's tags on her LJ are hilarious

amsterdam austria bank charges birthday boxing day dip brollies bunnies cheese rolling christmas credit card dortmund dresden erasure fish flights hats holidays ibiza injuries internets join me left! lobster money mortgage new years eve nights out packing pants phones plans plans up to november poland poorliness prague puddle monsters resolutions sharesave slipper lobsters slovenia social diary stopping smoking subway subway destructions theatre things to like! trains travelling treasure hunting valencia vienna vikings wants me dead watch santa yurts
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Come be my beyatch.. [Jan. 11th, 2008|03:14 pm]
the green fairy
Anyone interested in an accounts payable job at my place? We need someone to replace Berecca preferably to start asap. Think the salary is around the 13k mark, 8.30-5 with flexi and you get to work under moi :D
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I am contemplating... [Dec. 18th, 2007|12:52 pm]
the green fairy
a change of hair colour.

What do you think of this colour?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Feedback would be muchos appreciated!
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Yay! [Dec. 17th, 2007|10:29 pm]
the green fairy
I have my tree up!

Not a very impressive tree...only £1 from Wilkinsons...but I'm feeling very festive now. Just need some presents to go underneath it. Going shopping the morra so that should sort that out :P Oh and need winter spice candles. Mmmm....

I will EVENTUALLY get up to date with what I've been doing, hopefully before I forget myself! But for the moment I'm off for an early night. Have to get up early to sort shit out :S
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I just want you for my own, more than you can ever know [Dec. 15th, 2007|06:33 pm]
the green fairy
make my wish come truuuuuuuuue, yeah all I want for xmas is yoooooooooou baby

I am loving the Mariah Carey xmas song at the moment. It is my favourite xmas song I do believe. That and that one that the Spice Girls covered that I don't know who it's by. And 2 Become 1 and Mad World always make me feel all warm and xmassy even though they aren't xmas songs but yer nar...

Sorry haven't been around much at the minute - have been skint and miserable, work is hectic and I've just wanted to hibernate in a hollow tree trunk in a bed of moss and leaves with a nice pile of nuts. Mmmm nuts.

Germany was bloody brilliant. I had the best time, apart from the first night when they cocked up our hostel booking when we arrived - they'd given the room to someone else by mistake and ended up having to put us up in rooms with other people as there were none spare due it being a huge football match that night and everywhere was solid booked. I ended up in a room with about 7 german lads, and Nic and Kate shared with some random Austrians.Hahah. We had a little scout round the winter market in Edinburgh, which was just gorgeous and me and Nic were like "balls to Germany - lets stay here!". Had some gluhwein with amaretto (speaking of which, must go to the Sunderland one tomorrow and have some) and bratkartoffeln (i think?) which was scummy bacon and potatoes with garlic sauce and a sliced gherkin. Most people seemed to be scared of the sauce and the pickle so the jolly Australian dude who worked on the stall was absolutely ecstatic when me and Nic said yes to them. Fo serious. Ecstatic. Kate was like "Gawd, I wish I could get that excited about people wanting to eat pickles".

The flight over was nee bother, but pesky easyjet and their microscopic leg room meant my gammy knee was knacking :( Nic and Kate bought some delicious rose and violet flavoured vodka at the airport anarl (called "Pinky" hehe). After all the hoo har with the hostel we set up camp in the bar/restaurant next door which was a really posh chinese type place but we just sat at the bar and ordered cocktails. The zombies were sehr viel gut and the lads behind the bar were really sweet. Had a bit wander up the road once they chucked us out at closing time and ended up in this place called "Bar Rock" which was not rock in the slightest and full of all the football types who had been out all day so that atmosphere was a bit dodge so we only stayed for one. They had a nice xmas tree outside though, and Nicola stole a bauble. There are also lots of winged rhinos on street corners in Dortmund. Got funny looks outside the pub when Nic was trying to take a photo of me and Kate pretending to suck the one of the rhino's horns. Walked back via the garage for tabs and beer and pom bears and sat in the common room playing babyfoot and laughing at Nicola and Kate having heated debates (those two are so funny, especially when drunk...they just go round and round in circles and don't actually care who's right or wrong, they just love having a good arguement :P) and finally crashed in our respective rooms. GOt some weird looks off the lads when i staggered in at about 4am and turned the light on and was all "er hi..sorry...i just need a bed...mind if i have this one?..no? thaanks!" and jumped in and turned the light off. They were nee bother anyway, as the hostel wife had ordered them to be gentlemanly, although one of them kept trying to steal my duvet.

Further updates tomorrw...I have an appointment with the Herbert, the Chippendale and some vodka.
Will probably see yous all at the cock the dave xmas belmfest.
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Just a quickie... [Dec. 12th, 2007|12:38 pm]
the green fairy
(am at work...naughty...have somehow got the binternets today...am on me lunch like so they can get bent :))

Just to say Germany was mint...proper update later! Thanks to the gang for looking after Bogie (and he appreciated the 5p watercress the other day too!).

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Aggggggggggh!! [Dec. 3rd, 2007|09:57 pm]
the green fairy
Can anyone lend me a few quid till the morra? Have totally no money to get to work! Was supposed to be getting some off Danny this weekend but he needs it to get to work too!

Gawd I'm such a dirty scrounger at the minute!

My lentil soup ended up quite scrummy and not at all as scary as expected. So there's tons if anyone wants any. Am in the throws of clearing out the freezer to defrost it since it's got a bit snowy from drunkenly leaving the door open. Hehe

That's as interesting as my life gets today I'm afraid. Feeling all terribly confused and stressed with myself at the moment. Gonna have some more soup and go to bed. Rock on tommy.
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Wise, wise horoscope ;) [Nov. 30th, 2007|06:26 pm]
the green fairy
Structured Saturn, now slowly moving through your 7th House of Relationships, presents you with restrictions on your movement. Your friend or partner could interfere with your career or social ambitions, but you need not get discouraged. Just be open and let the current situation act as a catalyst as you reconsider where your current path is leading you.


You're obviously struggling with something big, dear Pisces. People's recent comments on your irritability are well founded. But don't worry; they'll forgive you eventually. In the meantime, do what you can to control your temper tantrums. They stem for your current fears, which seem to be multiplying exponentially. Blame the current situation on the planets, and accept it as a lesson on the path to self-realization.

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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2007|09:34 pm]
the green fairy
memenesses from KateCollapse )
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Oh. My. God. [Nov. 26th, 2007|08:09 pm]
the green fairy
Look what Shed has gone and done!
Jesus H Christ!

He was bleating on about a reunion the other day. Me and Keith were very disturbed and kept changing the subject :P

A very drunken few days anyway, starting on Thursday in the Clarendon with ajmonkeyboy , thongor and of course that fool of a Herbert who doesn't let me near boys unchaperoned ;) Drank lots of dubious scrumpy/stout, talked rubbish and Kev wound Andy up by repeatedly smacking him so he buggered off into town before he murdered him haha. We ended up being the last people in there and me and Kev were dancing like loons to Yazoo, and other electro goodness.

The CEO visited on Friday and didn't even talk to me! Pah how unimportant am I!? Not that bothered like...since I was quite hungover. Went to Hollathan's on the evening with the rtn lot which was nice - had scrummy tapas and paella and oodles of wine, but buggered off home shortly after as I was in a horrendous mood for some reason...time of the month and all that..and I was in danger of strangling everyone for no apparent reason. Danny was all concerned and worried about me which only made things worse...you know how it goes?
Danny: Are you ok? What's up?
Jill: I'm fine. Just in a shitty mood. Please leave me alone and I'll be fine tomorrow.
Danny: Have I pissed you off? Why are you in a bad mood?
Jill: No! I'm FINE. PLEASE go away.
Danny: Somethings obviously bothering you - are you upset with me?
Jill: I wasn't but I am now SINCE YOU WON'T SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

Was ok the next morning and glad not to be too hungover since I had loads to do..but bloody park lane pets has closed and they have £20 and a strip light for me! There's a url on the shutters so might see if there's a phone number or email on there...
Met Becca, Jacqui, Charlotte and Jessica in Revolution and had a few drinks and nibbles in there until Jacqui and that had to get the last bus back to Wingate which was at quarter to 4. Me and Rebecca went to Opera for Beverly Hills Iced Teas and there were some cute irish boys playing jolly irish tunes which was cool. Town was HEAVING like. Pesky football. And I seriously thought this old bloke was kidding about the Sunderland result like. Was standing at the bar waiting for the cocktail hobbits to make my BHIT (fo serious...the barmen in there all look like hobbits. Pippin makes the best ones though) and this drunk old dude was *accidentally* touching me so I told him to bugger off.
Him: burbleurbleurble...the mackems are getting beat 6 something...
Me: Shut up! Anyway I'm a mackem
Him: burbleurbleurble *rolls eyes*
Me: That means you're not allowed to stare at my norks anymore.
Him: *goes away*

Ended up in Popolos but the bloody water was off so you had to walk halfway up the street to Blue Coyote (same owners as Pops and thus we could use the loos) which ended up being much nicer than Popolos and had the same cocktails and beers so we stayed there for a bit then met Joseph, Steven and Daniel (Beldon, not Herbert) in Sleepers on the way back then went to Fitzys in Sunderland to meet the gang as Niall has got engaged!! Yay! Is all pretty hazy from then on...think we ended up in the glass spider..Me and Becca wandered home at about 2ish when we decided we were waaay too drunk (although we had been drinking since 12 so not too bad...) and ate microwave popcorn at mine (or should i say threw it on the floor). Left her passed out on my settee and went to Danny's and argued for a bit before I passed out too.

Went to me ma's on Sunday since it was her birthday. Got her the Alice in Sunderland book and she really likes it. Drank loads of wine and watched Top Gear. How great is that programme? Yay for Jeremy Clarkson.

Am having a nice chilled out night in tonight involving a geo phyzz bath, the latest Bizarre (which hopefully should mention who won that bastard gimp competition!) and Arcade Fire.
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